Midwife Services

Prenatal Care & Maternity Options

Pregnant women who choose midwife services at our practice will meet with their midwife as early as possible to begin prenatal care. It helps patients enjoy a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. Your midwife will take your complete family and personal medical history and perform a thorough but gentle examination.

During pregnancy, your midwife will discuss your birthing options with you in order to develop a personalized delivery plan for your needs. You will meet with your midwife many times throughout your pregnancy for regular visits and for physical and emotional support and coaching.

Natural Childbirth

These days, many expectant mothers choose to give birth in their own homes rather than hospitals, and they often have a number of reasons for doing so. Reasons include the desire to give birth in a relaxed and familiar environment, not use pain medication or have medical intervention, and be in control of the labor-and-birthing process. Although a home birth is a personal decision, there are many factors to consider, because circumstances that pose serious risks to the mother and baby can arise. A home birth is usually performed with the help of a midwife or doula.

Labor and Delivery

During labor and delivery, a midwife is at the patient's side throughout the entire process, providing both physical and emotional support. A midwife guides the patient through contractions with various coping methods, and is able to administer pain medication if requested. Epidurals and intravenous pain medication are available to women who choose midwife services, and our midwives are trained in a variety of alternative pain relief methods, including hypnosis, aromatherapy and massage.

Throughout the labor and delivery process, your midwife will create a relaxing and soothing environment with music, dim lighting, emotional support and anything else the patient may require. Our midwives encourage movement during labor to support blood flow to the fetus and to relieve pain from contractions.

Postnatal Care

After birth, the midwife will support baby and mother. This includes providing advice on breastfeeding and care for the baby, especially for first time mothers. Your midwife may also perform the child's first check-up and health screenings required by the state.

Our midwives focus on caring for new mothers after birth and ensuring that the transition to motherhood is as seamless as possible. They provide physical and emotional support for mothers and help reduce the risk of infection, excessive bleeding and depression after birth.

Other Services

In addition to the care provided during and after pregnancy, our midwives provide comprehensive care to women who are interested in becoming pregnant, through prenatal care and family planning services. They provide well-woman care along with recommendations for diet and exercise that keep women as healthy as possible. While available for pregnancy care, a midwife often develops a long-lasting relationship with women and provides care through the different stages of life, from puberty through menopause and beyond.

Midwife services are covered by most insurance policies at no extra cost. Please contact our office or your insurance provider to verify coverage. Once your coverage has been verified, you can schedule a consultation with our midwives to discuss and plan your care.

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