Midwife Services

A midwife is a certified nurse practitioner that provides one-on-one care to women before, during and after pregnancy. The word "midwife" literally means "with woman," and our midwives are available to assist women throughout each and every stage of their pregnancy ensuring the highest level of care. All of our midwives are Certified Nurse Midwives who provide comprehensive care for low-risk, healthy women. They refer to a physician if needed.

While the traditional perception of a midwife involves a natural, at-home birthing process, many midwives provide hospital services that allow patients to enjoy the technological advances of a hospital setting combined with personalized and individual care. In fact, most midwives work in a hospital and private practice settings alongside physicians providing constant support and care for an individual patient.

Working with a midwife can help reduce infant and maternal mortality, premature births and low birth weight. Midwives also reduce the need for technological interventions during low-risk pregnancies. They focus on providing a birthing process that is as natural as the patient desires. Working with a midwife also ensures that your midwife will be present for the birth and will not leave you with an unfamiliar face as you begin the laboring process.

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