Tina M. Alessi, CNM

Tina M. Alessi, C.N.M.

  • Nursing degree from Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing, NJ
  • Midwifery certification University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ within the School of Health and Related Professions
  • Full time staff privileges Morristown Medical Center, Atlantic Health Systems
  • CNM, has been in practice with One to One FemaleCare, PA since 1999.
  • Active member of the American College of Nurse Midwives. She has participated on committees for the ACNM Regional Chapters.
Ms. Alessi has had a long and impressive career within women’s health care. Her nursing experience encompassed all aspects of maternal-fetal well-being, including assisting patients in the NICU. Prior to One to One FemaleCare, she was employed for 10 years by Morristown Medical Center as a midwife and she managed patients in various OB/GYN clinics and supervised patients on labor and delivery. Ms. Alessi has also practiced with Planned Parenthood.

As a midwife she is committed to patients experiencing a pleasant, calm and empowered birth experience. She partners with her patients to aid them in achieving the type of birth they want. She is an advocate of the Bradley birthing method. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of post-partum care and counsels all her patients with a sensitively to their specific concerns.

Ms. Alessi has a strong interest in adolescent medicine and pre-conceptual counseling. She has long championed family planning and contraception management and is skilled at offering all IUDs such as Liletta and Mirena. She is also passionate about preventative care for girls and women of all ages and has a keen interest in early detection of breast and pelvic cancers.

Ms. Alessi is a seasoned midwife, one who is current in all aspects of OB/GYN. Her experience coupled with her enthusiastic and caring personality is why she has such a devoted patient clientele.

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