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ONE to ONE FemaleCare, P.A.

Welcome to ONE to ONE FemaleCare. Thank you for considering our practice for your medical needs. Whether you are beginning a family and in need of obstetrical care, are in need of ongoing gynecologic care, or need the compassion of a practitioner to listen to your health issues and provide human care, you have come to the right place.

You might be asking yourself, what does the name mean?

…What's behind the number ONE?

At ONE to ONE FemaleCare, each and every ONE of our patients is given the personal attention they deserve. Each patient has the opportunity to form a special bond with our providers, a ONE to ONE relationship.

From the moment you walk through the door, the ONE to ONE FemaleCare staff will provide you with individualized, comprehensive female care. ONE to ONE FemaleCare is in the business of delivering the best care possible for each and every female patient, while offering you choices to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.

We provide care that is unique. We offer holistic options through our midwife services, as well as offer the best modern medical advances for all your obstetric and gynecologic needs through our skilled physicians. Our spectrum of care spans your lifecycle, as well as your daughters' -- from birth through adolescence through menopause.

…The ONE and only

From the conception of the practice, we have approached the patient-provider relationship differently. It was our goal to develop and deliver healthcare in a consumer/patient friendly environment, which meant minimizing the hassle factor, increasing the care offerings and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship for both patients and providers.

We are a unique practice because we have both board-certified physicians and certified nurse midwives practicing together in one group. As one cohesive group, we are able to work as a team and yet still maintain the personalized care that our patients enjoy.

We sum up our mission in one short phrase…

We aim to provide healthcare plus human care.



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